Is there anything about your bathroom that drives you nuts and wish you can change? You might even believe that the pipes are stuck where they are, so you’re stuck with that design. Almost anything in the house can be changed around to suit your design. It will take more work, but sometimes you need to change the pipes to make the room more functional. It could take something as simple as moving around the toilet, or converting a tub to a walk-in shower. Here are some of the most common issues people have with bathrooms and how to fix them.

What People Hate About Their Bathrooms & How To Fix Them 1

● The Toilet Placement: You might not be able to reroute the plumbing, forcing the toilet to be in an awkward place. If that’s the case, the best solution is to move what’s surrounding it. To achieve this, you can change out other parts of the room, such as getting smaller sink fixtures or switching the bathtub for a freestanding shower.

●The Shower & Tub: It’s effortless to convert a bathtub to handle a showerhead. The tub may even be useless, depending on what your lifestyle is. If your family mainly showers and the bath is taking up a lot of space, consider having it converted into a standing-shower.

What People Hate About Their Bathrooms & How To Fix Them 2

● Lighting: Lighting tends to be the last thing people think about when, in reality, it should be one of the first. You need proper lighting to help you get ready for the day, as well as opening up the area. Lighting doesn’t have to stick out and be an eyesore, either. Recessed lighting can do a fantastic job of illuminating the area.

● Vanities: Sink space can get cluttered up real quick when the countertop is small, primarily if more than one person uses the area. A solution would be to extend the vanity to allow for two slightly larger sinks. This not only gives more storage space but countertop space as well.

         What People Hate About Their Bathrooms & How To Fix Them 3

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