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The Kitchen Trends of 2019

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s one of the first and last places that guests see as they come and go. Having a kitchen that fits your individual style is something everyone desires. That’s why remodeling your kitchen is not only a great opportunity to include everything your family needs, but also a way to modernize your space. These are some of the latest kitchen trends that can surely bring life to your home.

  • Darker Accent Colors – I bet when you were growing up you remember the majority of the kitchens you visited were bright colorful, right? In 2019 that’s shifted a little bit. Kitchens are still keeping to the light side, but now a dark accent piece of the fridge, stove, or even countertops are what’s popular.
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Tile – Backsplashes have been fairly common for kitchens, not only for design, but easy cleaning. Typically backsplashes stop either a quarter or halfway up the wall, behind a sink or an oven. However, something new to the kitchen world is having tiling from floor-to-ceiling. If you’re keeping in-style for the kitchen trends, use that same backsplash for more than one accent wall.
  • Zero Appliances – This sounds like you can’t have any appliances at all, right? Not so. What’s great about this trend is that your appliances will have their own spot inside the cabinets. Keeping the countertops clean at all times helps make spontaneous cooking more fun.
  • Bench Seating – This trend isn’t really “new” to the kitchen world, but it’s making a comeback for 2019. Bench seating can give your kitchen more of an inviting look instead of seeing four to six chairs gathered around the table. If you have built-in benches, that gives you the opportunity to have extra storage under the seats.
  • Vintage – Just like the benches, the vintage look of a kitchen is making its way back around. Having the natural feel with refurbished wood or pewter hardware might be the way to keep your kitchen fresh and new, with the same classic vintage vibe.
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