With the new year coming in fast, it’s time to consider revamping your living space — starting with your kitchen. You may not have enough counter space, or have dreamt about adding a functional island feature to help with meal prep, quick dinners, and more. Whatever you’re looking to do, Mac Kitchens can help you design and remodel your kitchen to better suit you and your family. Here are a few ways you can cozy up your kitchen for the winter months but keep them functional for the extra traffic.

Kitchen Designs for Winter 1

  • Kitchen Islands: The kitchen island is almost always mentioned with a gorgeous, yet functional kitchen designs. An island can really open up a kitchen and give it the necessary counter space it needs. It can also add seating to your kitchen without trying to make space for a separate kitchen table.

Kitchen Designs for Winter 2

  • Bench Seating: Providing a new type of seating, instead of a traditional table and chairs, is now trending. Bench seating can give you the space you need and the interior of the bench can double as more storage for blankets, extra pots and pans, or a place to hide holiday presents. If you have a family pet, part of the bench can be converted into a comfy spot for them to relax while the family is sitting at the table.

Kitchen Designs for Winter 3

  • Sophisticated Colors: Moving away from all bright colors is another way to upgrade your kitchen. Consider making the cabinets or the appliances a darker color, like a shade of black, a shade of forest green, or even a dark navy. They could be paired soft metallics or rich browns and beiges to give your kitchen a cozy feeling all year round.

Kitchen Designs for Winter 4

  • No More Wasted Space: A great way to increase your storage is to utilize any extra, empty space that you have in your kitchen, whether it be between cabinets or in the pantry. Turn that extra space into extra storage. Create a storage unit that can be pulled out giving you easy access to all of the shelves. This can also work great for corner cabinets. Lazy Susanne’s, or pull out shelving, can be installed for the perfect storage space.

Kitchen Designs for Winter 5

  • Marble Take Over: Traditionally marble slabs were just used as countertops. Since marble is such a gorgeous and unique design, people have been putting it behind the sink or the stove as a backsplash. It adds a touch of elegance without overpowering the rest of the design.


         Kitchen Designs for Winter 6

Kitchen Designs for Winter 7