In the age of technology, it’s not a surprise that even our kitchens are adapting to the “smart” way of life. Now, this doesn’t mean that your toaster will start randomly talking to you, but ideally means that you’re upgrading your appliances that have customizable and special features. These products can work in tandem apps, with your iHomes, Alexa, and more to measure things like meat temperatures, and the amount of eggs left in your refrigerator. Here are a couple of suggestions for those who are ready to upgrade into the world of the “smart” kitchen.

Is It Time For A Smarter Kitchen? 1


Small, Smart Changes – There’s a bunch of “techy gadgets” a kitchen could have, but it’s always best to start small. Technology can be a bit overwhelming when it happens all at once. Small gadgets like an automatic stirrer, can help stir pot-cooked meals, or a coffee pot that’s connected to your iPhone so you can tell it to brew while you get ready for work, For health-conscious people who want precise measurements, a smart food scale is a great way to keep up with portions.




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Easy, Ready-Made Dinners – Crock-pots and pressure cookers are a great way to make delicious meals during the work week. Something great about the newer models is they come equipped with self-stirring devices, food temperature checkers, and automatic shut-off. These newer devices can even be linked to your smartphone so you can check the progress of dinner while you’re out of your home.




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Grocery-List Help – To go all out with a tech-savvy kitchen, one of the coolest things to do is get a smart fridge where there’s essentially a tablet on the front. Your refrigerator can display recipes and let you know if you have that ingredient, help you create your shopping list, and so much more. Everything can be synced to a smartphone so those lists can be seen on the go. You’ll never ask the question “do we need eggs?” again.





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