Does your television have it’s own designated spot, or does it feel like it’s just in a space that it’ll fit the best? Are you planning on upgrading your TV and it won’t fit in the new space? Entertainment centers usually are the focal point of the room, so they need to make a statement. It also cleans up the room from unsightly wires that all of the boxes your TV, BlueRay/DVD player, cable box, etc. may need. The big question is:

What type of entertainment center is right for your home?

How To Choose the Right Entertainment Center 1

● A rustic entertainment center is usually made out of natural-looking wood, giving it a “freshly made” look. It’s a combination of shelves and cabinets to help fill the space out with wood.

● A minimalistic entertainment center is modern and sleek. It’s often either glass or white. Sometimes it’s even blended into the wall to give the illusion of nothing being there.

How To Choose the Right Entertainment Center 2

● A built-in entertainment center is apart of the wall. All of the shelving and cabinets are flush with the wall, so nothing sticks out, especially the TV. This type of entertainment center usually takes a complete remodel so it can be custom-built for your space.

● Taking it back to basics, this entertainment center can be a simple design without overpowering the room. You may want to showcase the TV itself without anything else taking away from the focus, especially if you have your movies and television shows digital. On the flip side, while you want the television to be present, you may want it to blend into the wall and be a part of the surrounding.

         How To Choose the Right Entertainment Center 3

How To Choose the Right Entertainment Center 4