The bathroom should be a comfortable, clean, well-lit environment that gives off a sense of relaxation and security. Many of us wake up for work early enough for it to still be dark out, and use the bathroom for the majority of the morning to get ready. If you have a lengthy makeup routine, or perhaps a hairstyle that requires morning attention, then you cannot afford to skimp on the lighting in your bathroom. A well-lit space is the first step to making any room habitable and functional. So do yourself a favor and follow these tips to make your bathroom the personal getaway of your dreams

Essential Bathroom Lighting (You Need It) 1

Task lighting – This all-encompassing term suggests that you provide your space with whatever light solution is necessary to complete certain tasks or activities. Don’t feel confined by a certain light style or trend when thinking of your most specific lighting needs. Make sure you objectively ascertain the poorly lit areas of your space and adequately light them however able.

Mirror lights – Typically avoid placing lights above mirrors, especially if grooming and appearance are a big deal to you. The shadows cast on your face from lights placed above mirrors can make you look years older and when we have an important meeting or photoshoot, this is not an option. 

Sconce lights – Not made for lighting large spaces alone! Install these lights at eye level near vanities or mirrors to properly light the face for ideal grooming and presentation. Sconce lights come in many varieties and are fairly easy to install, so you should have no problem choosing the perfect sconce to illuminate your space.

Essential Bathroom Lighting (You Need It) 2

Pendant lights – This is a suspended light that is usually hung in groups of odd numbers. These lights, when paired with sconce lights, will provide your bathroom with 2 tiers of efficient lighting. The more widespread light of pendant lights is the stylish choice to provide a soothing blanket of light so you don’t stub your toe in the middle of the night!

What About Light bulbs? – The type of light bulb you choose for your fixture is just as important as the fixture itself. How long or how often you visit the bathroom may influence your final light bulb decision. Typically the bulbs of the LED and CFL variety are both the most efficient and long-lasting bulbs available. If these lights are going to be on often, you want to try and save as much money as you can, making these bulbs the standard choice.

Looking For Something Different? A Skylight – A skylight provides natural lighting all day long, and can be a truly beautiful addition to any home. If you are currently shopping around for a new home, think about a house with a pre-installed skylight, this feature is a next-level aesthetic and will also save you tons on the electric bill. That is a double win!

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are trapped inside of a room in your home. Your home is your sanctuary, it should be customized to fit your every need. Thus, your bathroom should never bring on feelings of claustrophobia or discomfort, it defeats the purpose of a bathroom to have to deal with anything but the most functional amenities. Lighting goes a long way when it comes to over the overall form and function of a perfectly designed bathroom. So, when contemplating your next bathroom remodel, put a little extra attention into your lighting plan! Use this blog to help you make the most informed decision about bathroom lighting and be sure to check back to our blogs soon for future tips, tricks, & trends!